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  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
    Yes! You can cancel anytime, no contracts. If you cancel mid month however, you will be charged for that month. How to cancel? 1. Log in to your account through the website 2. Navigate to "My Subscriptions" from the top, right drop down bar 3. Click "active" tab, then click "cancel subscription"
  • Do I need to download the TrueCoach app to view my workouts?
    Yes, all workouts will be uploaded to the app to view from your phone, however you will also be able to log into on your computer to view your workouts.
  • Is the truecoach app free?
  • Can I get a refund?
    No, there are no refunds once the purchase has been made.
  • Once I purchase the program, when can I start and view my workouts?
    Within 24 hours you will receive the email from truecoach, you then create an account, download the app, and get after it!
  • Can I communicate with my coach on the home gym monthly plan?
    The home gym monthly plan does not come with constant coach support.
  • Will the monthly plan auto-renew?
    Yes, after your initial purchase for the Home Gym Monthly Plan you will automatically be billed each month and receive your new set of workouts through the app.
  • What if I can't workout on the scheduled days of the program?
    No worries! You will be able to view the scheduled workouts up to 7 days in advance, so you can pick and choose what fits best with your schedule!
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